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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm Boy Gets a Haircut" by Jay Roberts Gay Rural+++If you remember your first haircut, then you are too young to stay and
read this. If, however. you are over 18 then I free bbs lolita lola
invite you. You're next
to sit in my chair and get taking care of.
Jake was in town, the county seat. He got Gramp's permission to use the
old wreck cause the seeds were ready for pickup. As Jake stood before
Gramps for inspection, he stood tall in his freshly washed overalls."You look clean, boy, but the shoulder of that there Bibbs is broken. That
brass button done fell off and yur naked shoulder is exposed to the
weather. Maybe you should wear yur ever day one.""No hep Gramps, the button of them is busted too."As he grabbed his wallet and such and prepared to get out of the door
before Gramps had more to say, Jake's older brother, Lem, called down from
the loft where he was sleep late as usual. natural lolitas ls island
"And git yur hair cut. You
look lak a girl with all those cinnamon colored hair down yur neck and
crost hur eyes."Jake took a big sigh. His brother had been chiding him about his hair.
Just last night they were pasted together to keep warm in the chilly winter
air. The loft was as icy as the back of the refrigerator truck that came
to pick up vegetables they grew. It always felt nice to sleep that way
with his brother's round rump against his middle.He parked the truck behind the feed store and decided to look around the
town. It wasn't a city, but it did have two banks, a few restaurants, a
movie house and down the street, a barber shop. That's were he headed. He
hurried cause the wind was wiping round his body that was protected with
only his denim overalls (no underwear) and that bare shoulder was covered
with goose flesh.He looked into the steamy window of the shop. Inside he saw the barber
sitting on one of the chairs, reading a newspaper. He was the only person
in the shop so Jake figured he could get shown right quick.He pushed open the door and was greeted with warm, moist air and the smell
of manly perfume. The barber got up off the chair. Jake immediately
admired him. He was taller than Jake but thin and pale faced. He wore a
fine waxed moustache. Had Jake known, he would have admired the care that
the young barber lavished on that decoration.The barber stood holding the protector sheet like babe lolita 16 age a bullfighter, urging
Jake to take a seat ls lolita teen links
on the black leather chair."Once Jake was seated, the barber held out a soft, manicured hand to shake
Jake's big smooth farm-calloused hand. The young barber almost swooned the
sexy feeling that the shake produced."My name of Angelo. Yours?"""Jake. Mighty pleased to meet you. You might be an Eye Talian 'cause of
yur name. Am I right?"Angelo smiled. He liked little lolita cameltoe thumbnails
dumb boys, especially fresh faced, gorgeous bodied
farm boys."Well I a true American, but my papa came here from Roma, Italy."Moving close to Jake and speaking into his pretty ear, he said, "Do you
like Italian fellas?""Oh sure 'nough. There are fine loving men.""How do you want your hair cut?" He asked, puffing up the long hair and
rubbing Jake's scalp affectionately."Jake reacted like a dog being petted. "Wahl I kinda lak my hair 'n don't
want to give up too much of it. My brother Lem is alus botherin' me 'bout
gittin it shorn. I guess you know how best to do an' I'm put myself in yur
hands."Angelo nearly swooned from the word picture of the pretty kid being in his
hands. "So your brother is concerned with how you look. Are you two
close?""As close as new born kittens.""I mean, do you do stuff together?"Jake laughed. "It's hard to git Lem to do anythin' he's what Gramps and me
call a show horse, not a work horse. Lem spends a lot natural lolitas ls island of time workin' on
his muscles with black weights with numbers on 'em. He sure has a body lak
somethin' out of a magazine, but he don't use it, hsi body, that is, 'round
the farm."Angelo was still studying the boy's fine strawberry blond hair. He decided
not to do anything radical, just get it off the kids eyes and reduce the
shagginess in back, over his strong neck. He rubbed that neck a bit,
friendly like. "I mean, sometimes brothers do real friendly and sort of
make love with each other. You know what I mean?""Oh sure sir, I love my brother. Sometimes when his lady friend won't do
sex with him, he comes home and asks me to help. I'm mighty pleased to be
of service. Gramps taught me to be friendly and helpful with everbody."He smiled his blinding farm boy smile. Angelo almost had to squint as the
gleaming white teeth and full lips came into play. But he was getting a
little breathless at the news that this incredible rube could be had if he
worked his cards right."Say Jake, suppose I pulled the shades down and no one will disturb lolita photos nude preteens
us and
I can give you all my attention? And after the hair cut, I'll give you a
nice relaxing shampoo?Jake blushed with happiness. He was already fond of this handsome
foreign-like fellow who talked so fine and mellow and he did like having
stuff done on him. Gramps used to rub kerosine on his legs and shoulders
when he got stiff from too much planting."Whoop!" Jake called out as the barber chair was inclined so far that his
face was almost into the handsome barber's crotch.Angelo began the process of thinning the thick, young hair. He enjoyed
taking the sweet boy's chin and moving it this and that to get at lolita photos nude preteens the spots
to clip. As he clipped away, Jake, who had been up real early that day to
get in the milking before the trip to town, was sleepy and the clip, clip
clip of the scissors was hypnotizing him. In a few moments, Angelo
addressed a remark to the boy and then realized that he had fallen asleep.
There was the regular sound of soft breathing. Angelo stopped his work and
lifted the sheet carefully. There it was, as he knew it. All the young
fellows get cock stiffs from his attention. But this rural rube was really
built. The worn denim clearly showed the outline of a long prick extending
down one overall leg. He couldn't help. He had to feel that protrusion.
He reached out and slide he hand softly up and down. He sensed the
location of the big head and gave that some attention. Suddenly he heard
the boy's sleepy voice say, "Brother kids russin lolitas teeens Lem. Let me sleep. I kin do what you
want later."Angelo quickly withdrew his hand and recovered the boy. The haircut
proceeded on the sleeping boy's head until finished. Angelo held a mirror
up and gently shook the boy using his bare shoulder as a good spot for his
hand."You think I took enough off?"Jake shook his head to clear it. "I 'pologize for sleepin' but you're so
soft in yer touch that I plumb went to dreamland. Yes, that looks real
fine.""Good, Jake. Now please take off your shirt, we don't want to get it wet
when I shampoo you.""Oh my Mister. I ain't got a separate shirt. This here top is a part of
the bottom.""No problem, I'll just open the one strap left and you can wiggle the top
down."In a moment, Jake's splendid upper body was exposed to the lustful gaze of
the barber. He had the muscles gained from hard work, but his skin was
faultless and smooth and a beautiful color of pink and white. His small
nipples were delicate pink. Angelo longed to touch them.Angelo helped the boy out of the chair and unto a stool at the sink. He
adjusted the water temperature to be just pleasantly warm. Jake kept his
head top 10 loli pics down, ready for his shampoo. From that angle he could see Angelo's
crotch and the big pyramid caused by his erect penis pushing the dress
pants fabric. Jake wondered if he might see what was underneath, but at
that moment, Angelo gently pushed his head down and water began to soak the
boy's head.Angelo applied a sweet smelling shampoo. The smell made Jake sexy. He
remembered Uncle Ned, his handsome uncle who used to rub Jake's backside in
affection. He used some men's perfume like this. He went into a hazy of
remembrance, his lusty prick hardening in remembranceBack and forth rubbed Angelo's loving hands. It was as it he was
masturbating the boy via his cranium. Jake murmured in pleasure at the
attention and one hand moved to his lap to tame his pulsing cock.Angelo did not fail to notice the gesture. He grabbed a nice big soft
towel lifted the boy into a seated position as he rubbed the hair dry.
Then he took his electric dryer and in a few moments the hair was dry and
back to its gleaming golden color."You look handsome, Jake, but I see you're having a little trouble down
there. This is a full service barber shop. Do you want service on that?"Jake was looking sleepy eyed. He always got that way when he was getting
sexed up. He slurred, "That'd be so nice, but kin you git naked. I bin
aching to see yer fine body and sexual organ?"That wasn't what Angelo expected, but it was safe. The door was locked and
the curtains lolita bbs models russian were drawn. He took off shirt, kicked off his loafers and
then removed his dark dress pants. free bbs lolita lola He stood there in just his
tighty-whities. Jake whistled in admiration."Mr. Angelo, you sure are a pretty sight. That nice smooth, tan skin n'
that dark hair in the center of yer chest. May I touch it?""Sure." Angelo said, but he had to clear his throat three times to speak.
He couldn't remember ever before being so affected by another person. This
boy was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, but his thoughts shut
down as Jake began exploring young lolitas live xxx his chest. That rough farm boy hand rubbed
over his dark nipple that jumped into erection. Jake giggled as he noticed
it and gave it some more attention."Mr. Angelo, you are a fine looking man. May I slip off yer shorts and
give some air to yer male organ?"Angelo couldn't speak. He just nodded and gulped.This was familiar territory to the farm boy. He had pleasured his brother
many times and Lem also got goofy when Jake rubbed his chest. But
especially when Jake made circles on his belly.The underwear was pulled down by Jake's expert hands and the naturalized
Italian prick jumped into freedom and stuck straight out and jumped with
the pulse of the excited barber.Jake put a warm hand on Angelo's belly, pleased with the soft hair that
grew there. He began and pleasant soft rub, going in gradually wider
circles, occasionally the heal of his hand rubbed by the base of the
shaking cock and through the luxuriant pubic hair. Angelo eyes were
closed. He tried to keep him cool,but the feelings of the boy's caresses
made him go into a sex haze.Suddenly the caresses stopped. Angelo opened his eyes and he was just
about to whine a complaint that the good feelings stopped. Jake clapped
his hands together. "I sure know jes' what you need...a milkin'. How long
since you had yer milkin'?'Angelo felt himself regressing to childhood, but he knew what the innocent
farm boy meant. "I guess I've been busy. I haven't had a "milking" in
several days."Jake nodded wisely. "I know 'bout those things. A fella has to be milked
or milk hisself regularly, else he can get stuffed up down there. I aim
help you out, same as I do fer my brother. Now jes' stretch out on this
barber chair that is lak a bed. Put rest yer weight on yer elbows and
knees."Angelo, to his own amazement complied. There was such an appealing promise
of pleasure that the dumb kid offered that he had to try it. But when he
was in that position, he realized that his ass was unprotected. That was
one thing he was always careful about. He secretly knew that he had a very
sensitive ass; an ass that wanted to be fucked, and that was why he
protected it against invasion.Jake let out a sigh of admiration. "That must be the finest rump I ever
did see. Those halves, lak peaches n' the soft hair growing there.""Please boy, do not talk about my ass. It gives me funny feelings. Get on
with your "milking" shit.""Oh yes sir. You see it hangs down jes' lak an utter. I am the best
milker in the county." His hot breath whispered in Angelo's ear. "I won
first first at the county fair last year."He began his champion milking technique, at the same time he gave some
attention to the man's full, hanging ball sac, by swinging it back and
forth as he milked the "utter."Angelo was mewling with helpless excitement. "Are you okay, Mr. Angelo?"Angelo gulped and hiccupped. "Don't stop. I got razors nearby, I'll slice
your neck if you stop."Jake laughed out loud at the exaggerated words. He knew that it was all in
jest, but he continued, sending the barber into a strange land of whirling
emotion.While Jake did the milking job his eyes caught sight of that lovely ass,
the tight halves vibrating with the milking. He put out one hand and
rubbed a cheek tenderly with his hot, rough hand.Angelo's head lifted up. "No, no, no! Don't touch me there, I can't take
it if anyone gives attention to my ass."Jake laughed. "I jes' know you really lak it 'cause yer sexual organ is
gettin' even stiffer and longer now. I can't nymphet lolita pic galleries help but notice yer openin'
back here. It's so pretty with the ring of soft hair 'round it. I think
I'll jes' see how it feels."Angelo let out a strangled cry of fear as the farm boy's finger began a
circular motion over the hair around the pucker hole. Angelo knew that the
line had crossed, that he could no long guard his ass. If he was going to
give it up, what better boy to give it to than this sweet, pure farm boy."Jake, I want you to put yer dick in my ass, but be careful, don't hurt me,
I never had this before.""Sure as shootin' Mr Angelo. My brother Lem alwus wants my sexual organ in
his tunnel. He says I do a good job."Jake's smooth fat sausage was stiff and thick, ready to do his duty for the
nice barber who he kinda felt a little love for. He positioned himself
behind the slim, fuzzy air and spread the barber's ass cheeks and put his
weapon right at the hole. That hole just closed so tight it appear as if
it never existed, but Jake had seen it. He did just what he did with a
reluctant bossy to distract her. He swatted Angelo's ass with a resounding
whack. Angelo cried out in pain and humiliation, but his ass hole opened
wide to accept the head of the milk boy's cock.Jake was now getting lost in electrical sexy feelings. He hoarsely said,
"I'll jes' leave it here to soak a minute so you'll git aused to it.""No, no, no pig farmer. Get with it. If you're going to fuck me, then do
it!"Jake, even in his sexed up feeling had to laugh out loud. "Sure thing
friend, down the chute it comes, git ready."He thrust his hips forward and his smooth cock slid in one motion. "Angelo
grunted loudly at the intrusion, but as the boy began to rock his cock in
and out, soon Angelo was moving with him. Though his mind was fogged, he
knew enough to know that he was as happy as he ever was in his life and
hoped that the fucking would last a week or more. His balls were riled up
and his legs were getting weak as the orgasm feeling crept up to his
thighs."Oh you fucking dope, you are getting my nut. I'm about to..."Only strangling noises escaped his pretty mouth as he slide headlong into a
crashing orgasm. Jake felt the whole ass track pulsing like a milking
machine, bring him to his own strong cum."I'm goin' to deliver a quart and a half of cream today, it's 'bout to
spew."Angelo felt the hot milk hitting his insides as he reached the peak of his
cum. He was drooling and howling like an animal as he was helpless in the
grasp of ejaculation.Jake delivered so much cum into the pulsing hole that when he withdrew, a
lot leaked out, sliding between the barber's legs and joining the big
puddle on the black leather of the barber chair.Jake got up and reached for his Bibb Overalls. In a moment he was dressed,
one shoulder still uncovered and he slipped into his work shoes that he had
cleaned up special for his town trip.The barber stayed crouched up, his ass moving back and forth as if he was
still being fucked."How much is fer the haircut, friend?"Angelo looked toward him dumbly. "I ought to pay you. babe lolita 16 age Just get out of
here and don't come back."Jake was a little sorry that the barber didn't seem to like him now, but he
walked slowly toward the door."Wait." Angelo called after him. "You can come back. Don't wait until you
need a haircut."
End of story.
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